iNet College is a subsidiary of iNet Systems Co., Ltd. iNet was formed in 2000. iNet Systems focus in three major business area:

  • (a) Training
  • (b) Networking solutions
  • (c) Sales and service

In 2013, iNet College was established to focus on developing qualified IT professionals; offering range of courses from short-term skill oriented courses to degree/diploma programs. Courses are added, updated, or retired by reflecting local market demand seamlessly.

Who We Are?

iNet was founded to provide quality IT education in mind, by three IT professionals specialized in software engineering and network engineering; experienced in relevant field several years.

  1. U Ye Naing (ICST graduate)
  2. U Zaw Min Oo (YIT graduate)
  3. Daw Sandy Khit (ICST graduate)

iNet offers:

  • 10+ variety of short-term courses
  • Pre-Uni Foundation preparation program
  • HND in Computing (awarded by Pearson Education, UK) – Accredited in 2013, center no. 93710
  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Computing (awarded by University of Gloucestershire, UK)

U Ye Naing

Managing Director
Worked in software industry for a decade and education industry for two decades until now.

U Zaw Min Oo

Board Director
Worked in networking, security, auditing, and project management field for 3 decades.

Daw Sandy Khit

Board Director
Worked in software industry for a decade and education industry for two decades until now.

Team iNet College

  • 35 full time staff of lecturers, operation staff, admin staff,  and student support staff
  • 15 part-time lecturers with (Master degree and Doctorate degree holders)

MD's Message

There is a huge demand for skill hungriness locally or globally. Globalization blurs the physical and logical boundary which make free-flow of knowledge workers around the globe. Most business are driven by white-color knowledge workers, at the speed of thought by make use of excellence information systems. This creates a surge for skilled knowledge workers, globally.

If you have qualified skill-set, you will be hunted or else you will have to hunt the job. Remember that recruiters are recruiting for skills you possess.

Build the dream in you concretely which will create burning desire in your heart.

Learn hard for your prosperous future. It is a life-long learning.

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