Scratch Programming

for kids

About This Course

This course is specially designed for the kids to start learning programming code concepts and creating interactive projects without needing to learn a text-based programming language

Kids who have a Scratch user account, projects can also be shared online with the Scratch community, giving a real audience for their creations.

Scratch is used in many schools as part of the curriculum. Scratch is free to use and children can use it at home as well as during Code Club.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for the smart kids who wants to learn the foundations of programming in very easy way using visual, colorful and graphical tools instead of text-based programming language first.

Course Outline

  • Scratch and Scratch Community
  • Scratch Blocks and Events
  • Look Blocks and Costume
  • Creating new Sprite and working with them
  • Control Blocks
  • Working with Operators and Sensing Blocks
  • Working with Conditional Controls and Iteration
  • Data Blocks
  • Variable Usage
  • List Usage
  • Pen Blocks
  • Customized Functions
  • More Blocks Usage
  • Introduction to Software Deployment

Content of Scratch Programming

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
    • Introduction to Scratch
    • Exploring Scratch Project Editor
    • First Scratch Program
    • Exercise for Scrtch Symbols and Backdrop
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to Scratch Blocks, Events and Scripts
    • Introduction to Scratch Blocks
    • Motion Blocks, Event Blocks and Control Blocks
    • Move, Turn, Glide Block
    • When Flag Clicked Event Block
    • When Key Pressed Block
    • When this sprite is clicked Block
    • Repeat control Block and forever control Block
    • Exercises for Moving, Turning, Gliding Sprite
  • Chapter 3: Working with Looks Blocks and Customizing in Sprite & Costume
    • Exploring Look Blocks
    • Understanding Costume
    • Drawing or Customizing Costume
    • Creating Customizing Sprite
    • Exercises for using Looks Blocks
  • Chapter 4: Working with Conditional Controls, Iteration Controls and Operators
    • Exploring Control Blocks
    • Introduction to Scratch Operators Control
    • Introduction to Sensing Blocks
    • Introduction to Program flow and Conditional Controls in details
    • Knowing about iteration controls in detail
    • Working with Iteration Control
    • Exercises for Using Control Blocks
  • Chapter 5: Working with Variables and List
    • Exploring Data Blocks
    • Introduction to Variables
    • Introduction to List
    • Working with Variables
    • Working with List
    • Exercises for Using Variables and List
  • Chapter 6: Working with Pen Blocks and Custom Blocks
    • Exploring Pen Blocks
    • Introduction to Scratch Drawing Program
    • Introduction to Custom Functions
    • Working with More Blocks
    • Exercises for Using Pen Blocks and Custom Functions
  • Chapter 7: Using Converting Tools to Make Runnable Apps
    • Installation of Adobe Flash, Scratch Converter, exe Converter and Eclipse
    • Converting Scratch Program to Flash file
    • Converting Flash file to Windows App
  • Length

8 weeks

  • Effort

8 hours per week

  • Institution

iNet College

  • Price

180,000 MMK

  • Sectons

Weekday Section

Monday to Thursday

(2 hours per day)

Weekend Section

Saturday to Sunday

(4 hours per day)

  • Upcoming class

April 00, 2019

Saturday to Sunday

1 pm – 5 pm

April 00, 2019

Monday to Thursday

5 pm – 7 pm

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