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Programming in Python

This course uses the Python language to teach programming concepts and problem-solving skills, without assuming any previous programming experience. With easy-to-understand examples, pseudocode, flowcharts, and other tools, the student learns how to design the logic of programs and then implement those programs using Python. This course is ideal for an introductory programming course or a programming logic and design course using Python as the language.

In addition, it is rich in example programs that are to-the-point and practical. Each lesson provides one or more case studies that provide step-by-step analysis of a specific problem and shows how to solve it.

Phython is a fully Object-Oriented programming language, but students do not have to understand Object-Oriented concepts to start programming in Phyton.

The lesson starts with the fundamentals of data storage, input and output, controls structures, functions, sequences and lists, file I/O, and objects that are created from standard library classes. Then the student learns to write classes, explores the topics of inheritance and polymorphism, and learns to write recursive functions. Finally, the student learns to develop simple event-driven GUI applications.

  • No prior experience required
What will learn?
  • Introduction to Computers and Programming
  • Input, Processing, and Output
  • Decision Structures and Boolean Logic
  • Repetition Structures
  • Functions & Recursion
  • Files and Exceptions
  • Lists and Tuples
  • More about Strings
  • Dictionaries and Sets
  • Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance
  • GUI Programming
  • Database Programming
Values and Benefit
  • Python Langauage
  • OOP in Python
  • Programming Logic and Design
  • Foundation for learning data science, data analytic, machine learning, NLP & IoT, robotic in Phyton
  • Length

71 hours

  • Effort

8 hours per week

  • Length

200,000 MMK

  • Delivery

100% practical

  • Validation

75% attendance

  • Institude

iNet College

  • Week-Day Section

Monday - Thursday

2 hours per day

  • Weekend Section

Saturday and Sunday

4 hours per day

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