The Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing


  • Duration

24 months

  • Class Duration

9 AM - 4 PM

  • School Days

Monday - Thursday

  • Awarding Institution

Pearson Education Ltd.

  • RQF Level

Level 5

  • Intakes

November 19, 2018

Classes Opening in 2019

About the Program

The purpose of Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Computing is to develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals, able to meet the demands of employers in the computing sector and adapt to a constantly changing world.

BTEC qualification is awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked.

BTEC is the world’s most successful and best-loved applied learning brand, engaging students in practical, interpersonal and thinking skills for more than thirty years.

Pearson BTECs are work-related qualifications for students taking their first steps into employment or those already in employment and seeking career development opportunities. Pearson BTECs provide progression into the workplace either directly or via study at university and are also designed to meet employer’s needs. Pearson BTEC Higher National qualifications are therefore widely recognised by industry and higher education as the principal technical professional qualification at Levels 4 and 5.

About Pearson

Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with 35,000 employees in more than 70 countries working to help people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives through learning. We put the learner at the centre of everything we do, because wherever learning flourishes, so do people. To know more about Pearson, please visit

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Who is this qualification for?

The Pearson BTEC Higher National qualifications in Computing are aimed at students wanting to continue their education through applied learning. Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals provide a wide-ranging study of the computing sector and are designed for students who wish to pursue or advance their career in computing.

In addition to the knowledge, understanding and skills that underpin the study of the computing sector, Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in computing give students experience of the breadth and depth of the sector that will prepare them for further study or training.


Flexible choice of subject areas and progression opportunities

The new HND qualifications in Computing offer a choice of two specialist pathways at level 5, with a range of general and specialist units, core and optional:

  • Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Computing (Network Engineering)
  • Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Computing (Software Engineering)

Each unit has a clear purpose:

To cater for the increasing need for high quality professional and technical education pathways at levels 4 and 5, providing students with a clear line of sight to employment or progression to a degree at level 6.

Each pathway consists of a total of 120 credits at level 5, delivered via core, specialist and optional units. All pathways permit a degree of optionality.

Unit Structure of Software Engineering Specialization

Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Computing (Software Engineering)

BTEC-HND Year One (120 Credits)

Semester Unit No Subject Title Credit
1st Semester (9 months) 1 Programming 15
2 Networking 15
3 Professional Practice 15
8 Computing Systems Architecture 15
2nd Semester (5 months) 4 Database Design & Development 15
5 Security 15
6 Managing a Successful Computing Project (Pearson-set) 15
11 Maths for Computing 15

BTEC-HND Year Two (120 Credits)

Semester Unit No Subject Title Credit
1st Semester (9 months) 13 Computing Research Project (Pearson-set) 30
14 Business Intelligence 15
18 Discrete Maths 15
19 Data Structure and Alogrithms 15
2nd Semester (5 months) 20 Advanced Programming 15
34 System Analysis and Design 15
38 Database Management Systems 15

Unit Structure of Network Engineering Specialization

Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Computing (Network Engineering)

BTEC-HND Year One (120 Credits)

SemesterUnit NoSubject TitleCredit
1st Semester (9 months)1Programming15
3Professional Practice15
8Computing Systems Architecture15
2nd Semester (5 months)4Database Design & Development15
6Managing a Successful Computing Project (Pearson-set)15
11Maths for Computing15

BTEC-HND Year Two (120 Credits)

Semester Unit No Subject Title Credit
1st Semester (9 months) 13 Computing Research Project (Pearson-set) 30
14 Business Intelligence 15
Transport Network Design 15
Clod Computing 15
2nd Semester (5 months) 17 Network Security 15
23 Cryptography 15
49 Operating Systems 15

We provide both transferable employability skills and academic study skills

Students need both relevant qualifications and employability skills to enhance their career prospects and contribute to their personal development.

Pearson BTEC Higher National Computing qualifications embed the development of key skills throughout the programme; attributes and strengths required by 21st century employers.

Where employability skills are referred to in this specification, this generally refers to skills in three main categories:

  • Cognitive and problemsolving skills: critical thinking, approaching non-routine problems by applying expert and creative solutions, use of systems and digital technology, generating and communicating ideas creatively.
  • Intra-personal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and self-development, self-analysis and reflection, planning and prioritising.
  • Interpersonal skills: effective communication and articulation of information, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation.


Professional courses developed collaboratively with subject experts

With input from industry, employers, professional bodies, tutors, students, and higher education institutions, your new Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals have been designed to better meet the needs of a changing market. The result is a qualification suite designed and developed to meet professional standards, recognised by employers and universities, which develop not only academic skills and abilities, but work-readiness skills.

The objectives of the redevelopment of the BTEC Higher Nationals have been to ensure:

  • Employer engagement;
  • Work relatedness;
  • Opportunities for progression to further higher education;
  • Alignment with UK higher education expectations; and
  • Qualifications which are up to date with current professional practice and include professional accreditation and opportunities to gain vendor certification where possible.


Progression Opportunities

The qualifications aim to widen access to higher education and enhance the career prospects of those who undertake them.

On successful completion of the Level 5 Higher National Diploma, students can develop their careers in the computing sector through:

  • Entering employment;
  • Continuing existing employment;
  • Gaining vendor certification;
  • Committing to Continuing Professional Development (CPD); or
  • Progressing to university.

The new qualifications also include the opportunity for students to put themselves forward to take vendor certification assessments. We have worked closely with the following vendor to offer these opportunities: CompTIA, CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, AXELOS.

Assessment Strategy

Pearson BTECs combine a student-centred approach with a flexible, unit-based structure. Students are required to apply their knowledge to a variety of assignments and activities, with a focus on the holistic development of practical, interpersonal and higher level thinking skills. Assessment reflects not only what the student knows but also what he or she can do to succeed in employment and higher education in an ethical manner.

Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals have always allowed for a variety of forms of assessment evidence to be used, provided they are suited to the type of learning outcomes being assessed. For many units, the practical demonstration of skills is necessary and, for others, students will need to carry out their own research and analysis, working independently or as part of a team.



We are providing a wealth of support to ensure that tutors and students have the best possible experience during their course.  We have worked with students and tutors worldwide to create an effective and interactive community for our qualifications, called HN Global, an exciting new online platform created by Pearson to engage with Higher National students and tutors around the world. Pearson also offer Study Skills units to all learners − an online toolkit accessed on HN Global that supports the delivery, assessment and quality assurance of BTECs in centres.

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