Hands-On Excel for CPAs and Accounting Professionals

Excel Formula & Functions

for Accounting Purpose

A comprehensive collection of the features, functions and techniques of Microsoft Excel.

Suitable for APCs and Accounting Professional

30+ Learners accomplished

About this course

This compressive hands-on course is to provide a comprehensive collection of the features, functions, and techniques that offer the most benefit to CPAs and accounting professionals.

Learners should have some basic ICT skills in order to learn this training course.

Many people believe that Excel is useful to accountants because accountants are number crunchers, and there is no better tool than Excel for crunching numbers and counting beans. However, number crunching is only a small part of Excel’s true utility for accountants. The true source of Excel’s power for us lies in the fact that much of our work is recurring. That is, we repeat the same process or procedure each day, week, month, or quarter. Thus, when we use Excel correctly, and use the proper approaches, techniques, features, and functions, we can perform a mechanical recurring task in as little as zero time.

This hands-on Excel course demonstrates the features and functions that enable you to use Excel in ways that you never thought possible. However, much of the content is dedicated to illustrating the features and functions that enable you to automate nearly any data-driven mechanical task, whether fully or partially. There is no substitute for human judgment, review, and thoughtfulness in your work, but if a task is purely mechanical, chances are better than not that you’ll be able to automate it.


  • Prior knowledge of Excel & Accounting
  • More beneficial if you are working as an accountant

Who is this course for?

This comprehensive course is for CPAs and Accounting Professionals who needs to explore and leverage the power of Excel.

What will you learn?

  • The features, functions, and techniques that are useful to all accountants regardless of the type of work they do
  • Additional features and functions, while also revisiting and expanding on items covered previously
  • Advanced topics and sophisticated automation techniques. These generally require a level of proficiency with Excel
  • How to be able to do all of Excel tasks faster

Values & Benefit

  • Excel formulas & functions
  • Learn with 100+ hands-on real world exercises

Excel Formula & Functions

  • Length

64 hours

  • Effort

8 hours per week

  • Price

250,000 MMK

  • Delivery

100% hands-on practical

  • Validation

75% attendance

  • Institution

iNet College

  • Sections

Week-Day Section

Monday to Thursday

(2 hours per day)

Weekend Section

Saturday and Sunday

(4 hours per day)

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